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Aude Lenoir

Brittany, land of my childhood, instilled a passion for travel in me, and it wasn’t long before I was heading for parts unknown. I held down different jobs in the industry, in France and Quebec alike, while continuing to go to school. Once I’d earned my Master’s degree in Tourism, with a major in hotel management, I moved to Montreal and was hired for a supervisory position in a hotel. I enjoyed the hectic pace of work there, and dealing with clients and staff, but deep down I still longed for the tourism industry. So when the opportunity presented itself to join the crew of Tourism Intelligence Network, I jumped at it.

I am passionate about travel distribution, especially in hospitality and in tour-operating, and I have a keen interest in eTourism. I think that developing a product or a tourist site is realizing that this wealth, this heritage, needs to become known and recognized. Quebec tourism industry players, so attached to their regions and so dynamic in their way of doing things, have created a diversified and high-quality product. Our role is to help them gain a better understanding of how tourism evolves, its relevance, and trends and issues around the world.

“Beyond what is necessary, there is what makes us happy.” (free translation of Breton proverb)

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