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Claude Péloquin

After I earned my B.A. in Finance, I had no idea that a long backpacking trip would fuel a desire to learn more about the world of tourism. However, as Hippolyte Taine so brilliantly noted, “One travels not to change locations, but ideas.” My new passion led me to join the Chair in Tourism team in 1996. I contributed to a variety of research projects over the years, covering topics such as winter tourism, the cruise industry, charter bus transportation, distribution networks, zoos and aquariums, ecotourism, adventure travel and water sports.

I then had the opportunity to be part of the birth of an exciting new project: the Tourism Intelligence Network. I now work as the Network’s senior researcher, approaching my work with the same enthusiasm I felt at the beginning of my career, primarily because of my extraordinary colleagues and a constant stream of new challenges. My fields of expertise are distribution networks, the online travel market and outdoor tourism.

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Dollar (dis)parity is only part of the problem

Now the Canadian dollar has reached parity with its US counterpart, many questions are being raised. Without doubt, Canada’s performance in the American tourist market has been disappointing in recent years and the inexorable rise of the Canadian dollar in 2007 has only[...]

What is Facebook’s impact on the tourism industry?

In an earlier Globe-Veilleur article, we explained why Facebook has quickly become one of the top virtual communities and a new social phenomenon unto itself. We are now going to examine its sphere of influence within the tourism industry, as many Quebec businesses are [...]

Facebook, the new Web 2.0 darling

In the summer of 2006, we drew attention to the important phenomenon of Web 2.0. Since then, a great many Web users have become familiar with virtual online communities and several players have really started to stand out. One such site is Facebook, which is the process[...]

The resurgence of traditional travel agencies

The sector of so-called traditional travel agencies has probably undergone more upheaval than any other over the past decade. And yet, despite the popularity of the internet, the events of September 11, 2001, and the advent of zero commissions, agencies have learned to [...]

Wireless access in hotels: luxury or necessity?

Over the past few years, hotels have invested heavily in order to satisfy their clients’ internet access needs. However, although the demand is obvious, customers’ willingness to pay is less so. Also, because a growing number of clients now travel with laptops, wireless[...]

Web marketing for SMEs

You may think it’s impossible to increase your company’s Internet effectiveness with a marketing budget of only $3,000, but a variety of low‑cost strategies exist, whether you need to enhance your Web presence or conduct an email campaign. According to Merri[...]

Trends in the short cruise market

Boat tours/cruises are still considered a “new” tourist product. Although Quebec’s industry is based on the star attraction of whale?watching, short cruises now represent one of the world’s most diversified product lines. The following report is [...]

Loyal customers spend less than new customers

Spanish researchers have analyzed the expenditures of travellers in relation to how many times they have visited a destination. According to their findings, returning travellers spend less than first‑time visitors, primarily because of their increased knowledge of the d[...]

RSS feeds: what are they anyway?

RSS feeds: Everyone’s talking about them, but no one knows what they are! Does the term “RSS feed” mean anything to you? Don’t worry if it doesn’t, because you certainly aren’t the only one. This new form of internet communication is [...]

Exploiting the “Gap Year Travel” niche

Although the idea of taking time off in order to travel is by no means a recent one, “gap year travel” is both a relatively new and a relatively unknown market segment. Travellers in this segment do not spend a great deal, yet nonetheless make a significant [...]
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