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Claudine Barry

Having earned a B.A. in Urban Planning from the Université de Montréal, Claudine Barry then completed a B.A. in Tourism and Hotel Management at UQAM in May 2001 and joined the Chair in the fall of 2001 as part of an international work-study placement. She played an active role in various research projects, such as bicycle tours and the Route Verte, health tourism, golf tourism and camping, as well as working on developing educational tools.

Since September 2007, she has been a member of the Tourism Intelligence Network team, working as a researcher. Her primary interests are outdoor tourism and regional development.

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Public Toilets: an essential but under-appreciated amenity

They are notable by their absence from a number of much-visited attractions – to the point of ruining the experience for certain travellers, yet some public toilets ar[...]

A New Marketing Tactic: Focus on Authenticity

All too often, there is a significant gap between the image we want to project and the actual one. To ensure that the promise lives up to the reality, destinations have begun relying on the locals to communicate the true nature of the place they call home.

How to create a personalized guest experience

For hotels, the key to successfully personalizing the guest experience is to know your customers. Once you do, effective customer relationship management and digital technology can make it easier to foster repeat business.

Overview of Canadian Outbound Travel

Canadians made 32.3 million overnight trips outside the country in 2015, of which 82% were for leisure. This is more than two times as many international leisure trips per capita than in the United States!

Choosing the Most Outstanding Attractions

The 7 Wonders of Oregon, San Francisco’s Six Must-See Places, Utah’s “Mighty 5®” National Parks ... Destinations rely on a small number of attractions to create a strong brand image and visual identity.

Innovative promotions from the events industry

Pop-up cinemas in unusual locations, custom lineups for Web users, and menus created to reflect the film being screened: these are just some of the creative ways in which festivals are staying competitive.

Enhancing the St. Lawrence using culture and design

How can one use art, heritage, design, and outdoor activities to promote a body of water? The Quebec Association of Landscape Architects Annual Congress was full of ideas and projects, all focussed on tourism.

Retro travel products for nostalgics and hipsters

Nostalgia, like fear or humour, can definitely influence consumer behaviour. The auto, fashion and entertainment industries all make use of it, in one way or another. Movies that have captivated generations are being remade with modern technology, while many products ar[...]

Using Technology to Measure Tourist Traffic (Records of 2012 Symposium)

Measuring visitor traffic and profiles at tourism destinations was the focus of discussions at the Symposium of the Transat Chair in Tourism of UQAM’s ESG, which took [...]

Urban creativity in the spotlight!

Over half of the world’s population lives in urban areas. By the year 2050, this percentage is expected to climb to 70%, while in North America alone, it will reach 90%! City-dwellers are already exposed to a dizzying array of options when it comes to recreational activ[...]
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