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Interhome: a good example of best practices

At the 2007 ITB Berlin Trade Fair, Simon Lehmann, CEO of Interhome, spoke on the topic of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), an approach adopted by Europe’s largest holiday rental accommodation agency. The impressive results testify to CRM’s undeniable impact when [...]

Web 2.0 extends to both tourism and culture

The internet continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Indeed, recent changes have been so profound that they have led to the introduction of the phrase “Web 2.0”, which has quickly become the trendy, catch-all term used to describe the new ideology that is shaping the inter[...]

Today’s customers influence tomorrow’s choices

The opportunity to review a lodging establishment, restaurant, transportation company or destination is no longer a privilege reserved to professionals. As part of the[...]

What’s to be done with your VIC?

The existence of the internet and the increased number of information tools available at destinations mean fewer queries are being addressed to VICs (visitor information centres) and tourist information desks. Many such information offices are becoming all‑purpose touri[...]

Make the most of market segmentation with geomarketing

As marketing experts promote the benefits of segmentation and niche marketing, the tourism sector would do well to investigate geomarketing. This new approach classifies and geographically pinpoints population groups to both identify potential markets and determine the [...]

Culture: The key to urban tourism

In the new millennium, Montréal’s leaders and opinion-makers have continually emphasized that the future of their metropolis is tied to culture. But it isn’t the only city to have recognized the value of culture. Toronto has decided to invest heavily in its [...]

Family travel and Generation X parents

In the last few decades, family realities have changed dramatically. While amenities popular with children (like a hotel pool) are still very important when planning a family vacation, the demand for family travel has been affected by the fact that parents from Generati[...]

Luxury hotels now include… camping?

More and more travellers are turning to nature tourism, e.g. trips to unique sites, package tours and outdoor activities. However, these same consumers also want to enjoy comfort, safety and relaxation. Although these needs may seem incompatible, some hotels have succes[...]

What’s coming in 2006?

Each new year brings with it a new batch of forecasts and predictions on a variety of topics. From new technologies, to the hotel sector, to the latest hot destinations, here are some things to watch in the coming year. Leisure travel In 2006, leisure travel will contin[...]

American tourists: Where have they gone?

In 2004, Americans once again began travelling to foreign destinations in large numbers, but they seem to have ignored Canada. The number of U.S. international tourists ?all destinations combined ? reached a record high of 61.8 million that year, surpassing the previous[...]
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