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Does Environmentally Friendly Golf Exist?

As far as environmental responsibility is concerned, golf is neither ahead, nor behind other sectors, and it may take some time before it is considered as ‘responsible recreation’. Golf courses have a long history of being environmentally unfriendly, due to their high w[...]

Your Visitors are Taking Environmental Action? Reward Them!

To stimulate demand for sustainable tourism, there may be a greater need for financial incentives for consumers and businesses. Small businesses might especially benef[...]

Do wind farms affect tourism?

Like many places, Québec has also created a policy framework to increase energy production from renewable sources such as wind.(1) Wind farm construction presents numerous challenges, but from a tourism viewpoint, it has a direct visual impact on scenic landscapes and a[...]

Whale-watching trends: Québec’s position in 2009

Whale watching is still the fastest growing sector of general wildlife tourism worldwide and this is important for Québec, since marine tourism is a lucrative activity. According to a recent report, 13 million people went whale watching in 119 countries in 2008, compare[...]

Who is Carbon Neutral in Tourism in Québec?

Visitors to and from Québec contribute to Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG), regardless of the mode of transport, distance traveled, or the activity undertaken during a stay. To date, no study assessed neither travelers’ nor the tourism sector’s contributions to GHG [...]

A portrait of Québec’s tourism sector in 2009 in its path towards sustainable development

The need to develop tourism based on sustainability principles is a part of a general tourism policy[...]

Greening American hotels: some practical measures implemented so far by the lodging sector

The number of certified green hotels continues to grow, but the eco-efficiency measures implemented [...]

Tourism-related freshwater issues in Québec

Water has become one of the scarcest resources as its consumption has increased sixfold in the last century. At the present time, over 40% of the world’s population lives in water poverty (1-4). In Québec, water quality and resource ownership are of greater concern than[...]

Tendency of adherence to green labels in hotels across Canada

Improvements of environmental performance by the accommodation sector are not measured systematically and this makes it hard to estimate the extent of real change. In [...]

Sustainable purchasing policies: Does your business have one?

Green purchasing or sustainable procurement is a tool to mitigate the environmental impacts of consumption. It simply means looking at what products are made of, where[...]
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