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May-Lisa Vézina

My career in the hotel industry has not only given me the opportunity to travel to the Caribbean and to Australia, but also a host of priceless experiences and knowledge about the tourism industry. Inspired by the potential of tourism as an economic engine and social fulfillment, I decided to study toward a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management at UQAM. I was lucky enough to do one semester in France, where the European methods complemented my learning.

“Good to get away, good to get back!” That saying expresses the aspect of learning and personal growth that I get from travelling. It is therefore with great pride and passion that I have worked with the team of analysts at the Tourism Intelligence Network since early 2012. Driven by my inquisitiveness and guided by my analytical side, I explore the world of trends and exemplary or innovative practices that can be used for the industry here at home. I am especially interested in sustainable development and in technological advances applied to tourism, as well as in the evolution of customer service in this new context.

“Travel and change of place impart new vigour to the mind.” -- Seneca

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Co-creation in the participatory era

What do Airbnb, TripAdvisor and hashtags have in common? They are all symbols of a new collaborative, participatory, interactive economic paradigm that is redefining the value of a tourist experience.

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With 40 million photos uploaded per day and 8500 "likes" and 1000 comments per second, the Instagram mobile application has become an essential tool for Marketing 2.0.