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Hotels must innovate to successfully compete

At the Association des hôteliers du Québec annual convention on February 6, Alain April explained that hotel owners must be creative and update their properties to maintain and improve their competitiveness. With the exception of luxury hotels, Québec hotels seem to be [...]

Mountain destinations: Trends and best practices in tourism

In the past few years, mountain resorts have been engaged in a mad scramble to become four-season tourist destinations. Gone are the days when mountain resorts relied [...]

Who is Carbon Neutral in Tourism in Québec?

Visitors to and from Québec contribute to Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG), regardless of the mode of transport, distance traveled, or the activity undertaken during a stay. To date, no study assessed neither travelers’ nor the tourism sector’s contributions to GHG [...]

Sustainable purchasing policies: Does your business have one?

Green purchasing or sustainable procurement is a tool to mitigate the environmental impacts of consumption. It simply means looking at what products are made of, where[...]

Dollar (dis)parity is only part of the problem

Now the Canadian dollar has reached parity with its US counterpart, many questions are being raised. Without doubt, Canada’s performance in the American tourist market has been disappointing in recent years and the inexorable rise of the Canadian dollar in 2007 has only[...]

Is flying really that sinful?

The tourism industry already has a plethora of environmental issues to address, but more than ever, flying is considered as the biggest sin. Travelers are increasingly preoccupied with the environmental and social ethics of their consumption patterns and some reports cl[...]

Putting HR and tourism in context

Understanding the environment in which tourism is evolving will help us understand the challenges facing human resources, for owners, managers and employees. However, when human resources issues themselves are in the midst of dramatic change, everyone in the industry is[...]

Restaurant industry in change: be proactive!

New regulations are being introduced in the restaurant industry. Now that consumers want to eat better and know more about the origins and composition of their food, some lawmakers are taking action. Not to be outdone, Canada will likely follow suit and pass its own new[...]

Going Carbon Neutral – The Greening of Travel

In the face of growing concerns about climate change, businesspeople, rock stars, and increasingly ordinary travelers are going ‘carbon neutral’ to counterbalance their contributions to greenhouse gas emissions. This trend is an important step towards improv[...]

Towards a realistic sustainable regional tourism?

This year’s Solidarité rurale du Québec’s annual conference highlighted the numerous challenges facing rural areas, which are a direct consequence of globalization, technological change and economic restructuring. The conference looked at many development is[...]
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