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Who is Carbon Neutral in Tourism in Québec?

Visitors to and from Québec contribute to Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG), regardless of the mode of transport, distance traveled, or the activity undertaken during a stay. To date, no study assessed neither travelers’ nor the tourism sector’s contributions to GHG [...]

Compensating your emissions by planting trees? Know the pros and cons and the dos and don’ts.

The popularity of carbon-neutral travel continues to grow, although no reliable figures have been pu[...]

Understanding the dynamics of carbon credit purchasing from offsets when traveling carbon neutral

Voluntary carbon compensation, or carbon offsetting is applicable to anything that contributes to gr[...]

Is flying really that sinful?

The tourism industry already has a plethora of environmental issues to address, but more than ever, flying is considered as the biggest sin. Travelers are increasingly preoccupied with the environmental and social ethics of their consumption patterns and some reports cl[...]

Going Carbon Neutral – The Greening of Travel

In the face of growing concerns about climate change, businesspeople, rock stars, and increasingly ordinary travelers are going ‘carbon neutral’ to counterbalance their contributions to greenhouse gas emissions. This trend is an important step towards improv[...]

What can we expect from the tourism bubble in the next few years?

What are the major influential factors that will affect tourism supply and demand this decade? For a start, China and India are poised to become major players as they [...]