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Innovative promotions from the events industry

Pop-up cinemas in unusual locations, custom lineups for Web users, and menus created to reflect the film being screened: these are just some of the creative ways in which festivals are staying competitive.

Instagram: A mobile partner for the tourism industry

With 40 million photos uploaded per day and 8500 "likes" and 1000 comments per second, the Instagram mobile application has become an essential tool for Marketing 2.0.

What is Facebook’s impact on the tourism industry?

In an earlier Globe-Veilleur article, we explained why Facebook has quickly become one of the top virtual communities and a new social phenomenon unto itself. We are now going to examine its sphere of influence within the tourism industry, as many Quebec businesses are [...]

Facebook, the new Web 2.0 darling

In the summer of 2006, we drew attention to the important phenomenon of Web 2.0. Since then, a great many Web users have become familiar with virtual online communities and several players have really started to stand out. One such site is Facebook, which is the process[...]

Today’s customers influence tomorrow’s choices

The opportunity to review a lodging establishment, restaurant, transportation company or destination is no longer a privilege reserved to professionals. As part of the[...]

You haven’t heard the last of Web 2.0!

As the number of web users keeps growing, so the internet keeps evolving. It now features much simplified, more flexible and lower‑cost technology that encourages interactivity. Thanks to broader applications, internet users are now truly benefiting from the web’s[...]