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A look at the cruise destinations competing with the St. Lawrence

The St. Lawrence River is still a relatively new destination on the North American cruise market. Recent federal and provincial spending on ports of call has helped up[...]

International cruises: Outlook for 2010 and overview of major trends

Hit hard by the economic crisis, the year 2009 was, for many sectors of the tourism industry, a catastrophic year. For the cruise industry, however, it was a year in w[...]

Global Tourism: Black Clouds with Silver Linings

Stormy Skies on the Horizon The global economy has fallen off a cliff and no one is sure when it will hit bottom. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the world’s advanced economies experienced an unprecedented 7.5% decline in real Gross Domestic Product [...]

Trends in the short cruise market

Boat tours/cruises are still considered a “new” tourist product. Although Quebec’s industry is based on the star attraction of whale?watching, short cruises now represent one of the world’s most diversified product lines. The following report is [...]

Antarctica 2006-2007: Another record-breaking season ahead

A Tourism Intelligence Network expert specialized in polar tourism, Alain A. Grenier sketches an overview of the Antarctica tourism industry. A PhD in Sociology and fo[...]

What’s coming in 2006?

Each new year brings with it a new batch of forecasts and predictions on a variety of topics. From new technologies, to the hotel sector, to the latest hot destinations, here are some things to watch in the coming year. Leisure travel In 2006, leisure travel will contin[...]

Commentary from Michael Nowlis on the tourism trends in 2006

François Chevrier's article concerning tourism trends in 2006 summarizes the broad expectations of many analysts in the North American market. As it is difficult [...]

The “low-cost” concept: is it for you?

There is nothing new in the observation that price is a deciding factor, or even the deciding factor, in consumer behaviour. What is new is that the economic model associated with low prices is becoming more and more popular. Companies adopting this model make it their [...]