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Enhancing Destinations through Repurposed Locations

Repurposed mines, factories and other abandoned buildings are helping to boost the appeal and promote the development of regions that are off the beaten tourist track.

CRM in cultural institutions

Customer relationship management (CRM) uses various tools and techniques to identify, attract and build loyalty among the best customers.

Enhancing the St. Lawrence using culture and design

How can one use art, heritage, design, and outdoor activities to promote a body of water? The Quebec Association of Landscape Architects Annual Congress was full of ideas and projects, all focussed on tourism.

Industrial heritage gets a new lease on life

Factories, mines, blast furnaces, grain silos and foundries are all sites that bear witness to an industrial past; though abandoned now, they have the potential to become veritable centres for the arts, culture or recreational tourism. Vestiges of the industrial era can[...]

Web 2.0 extends to both tourism and culture

The internet continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Indeed, recent changes have been so profound that they have led to the introduction of the phrase “Web 2.0”, which has quickly become the trendy, catch-all term used to describe the new ideology that is shaping the inter[...]

Culture: The key to urban tourism

In the new millennium, Montréal’s leaders and opinion-makers have continually emphasized that the future of their metropolis is tied to culture. But it isn’t the only city to have recognized the value of culture. Toronto has decided to invest heavily in its [...]

Authenticity – What do they really want?

The search for authenticity is a predominant trend driving tourism because travellers are looking for unique experiences that are part of our vibrant and varied world. Quebec is not Venice, the Inuit are not like the Aboriginals of Australia and a sugaring off party bea[...]

Up close and personal

As has been said before, the quest for authenticity has become a general trend. Beyond the major natural attractions and must-see sites, travellers visiting foreign countries are interested in experiencing the local culture and soaking up the lifestyle. Rural tourism fi[...]

The cultural travel market

American cultural travellers represent an especially lucrative market: nearly one-third spend over US$1,000 when they travel. By way of comparison, only 11% of all U.S. travellers spend this much. This news comes from Renee Mitchell, Research Director, Smithsonian Magaz[...]