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Enough of Gen-X, Y and the Boomers; here comes the senior market

Consumer society has not always been responsive to the needs of travellers aged 60 and up. And yet, this customer segment is flourishing as the world’s ageing populati[...]

Spotlight on Generation Y

Although the definition can vary, the term “Generation Y” generally refers to people born between 1978 and 1989, or those aged 18 to 29. Whether you call them Echo Boomers or Generation Y, they are without doubt a major, surprisingly different, customer segment. However[...]

Familiar with tweens? You should be…

A recent development in marketing has been to define a new customer segment: “tweens” or preteens. While young people ages 9 to 14 are no longer children, they are not yet teens, either. With surprising purchasing power and influence on a variety of family d[...]

What can we expect from the tourism bubble in the next few years?

What are the major influential factors that will affect tourism supply and demand this decade? For a start, China and India are poised to become major players as they [...]

Are senior travellers really so different?

The tourism industry has been watching closely as aging baby-boomers gradually shift into the seniors category. And with good reason because, for all that it requires special treatment, this category has undeniable appeal. However, an informed approach to the senior mar[...]

Baby boomers, the backbone of the tourism industry

When they were young, baby boomers sported peace signs. Today, they worry about the stock market and the chances of early retirement. Their travel curve will rise but will be difficult to profile. General characteristics Among industrialized countries, Canada experience[...]