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A portrait of Québec’s tourism sector in 2009 in its path towards sustainable development

The need to develop tourism based on sustainability principles is a part of a general tourism policy[...]

Towards a realistic sustainable regional tourism?

This year’s Solidarité rurale du Québec’s annual conference highlighted the numerous challenges facing rural areas, which are a direct consequence of globalization, technological change and economic restructuring. The conference looked at many development is[...]

Meeting DMO challenges

Responsible for developing and promoting tourism in their respective regions, destination management organizations (DMOs) are the backbone of the travel industry. Challenges await them as they consider new funding formulas, adopt new technologies, deal with heightened c[...]

What can we expect from the tourism bubble in the next few years?

What are the major influential factors that will affect tourism supply and demand this decade? For a start, China and India are poised to become major players as they [...]

Understanding performance evaluation

In tourism, performance evaluation involves objectively assessing projects completed to date according to a predefined plan, whether this relates to a policy, a program or a strategy. Such an evaluation relies on clearly defined goals, pertinent indicators and a number [...]