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“Employers of choice” or the art of attracting and retaining employees (Conference summary)

Roles are being reversed in today’s working world. Now that the pool of available workers is shrinki[...]

Seasons change… and so do employees

With the deplorably high employee turnover rate in the tourism industry, it is time to reflect on current practices. What is the turnover rate of your staff? What are the causes? How much does this cost your organization? Do you have the means to offset these costs? Do [...]

Putting HR and tourism in context

Understanding the environment in which tourism is evolving will help us understand the challenges facing human resources, for owners, managers and employees. However, when human resources issues themselves are in the midst of dramatic change, everyone in the industry is[...]

Recruiting tourism workers: The time is now!

The declining number of available workers in the labour force is becoming even more of a concern because tourism is not the only economic sector facing a labour shortage. This creates fierce competition; we are entering the era of the competitive labour market. Business[...]

The challenge of staff scheduling

In the travel industry, the most challenging aspect of staff planning is adjusting the number of available workers to meet tourism demand, which fluctuates widely, depending on the time of year. Managers must therefore be able to predict this demand and use the informat[...]