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Want to be cutting‑edge? Try online recruiting!

A powerful combination of human resources, brand image, Web 2.0 and technology, Recruiting 2.0 will turn you into a top-notch recruiter! Find out more about this phenomenon and learn how to take advantage of new trends that are leaving traditional methods in the dust. T[...]

“Employers of choice” or the art of attracting and retaining employees (Conference summary)

Roles are being reversed in today’s working world. Now that the pool of available workers is shrinki[...]

Putting HR and tourism in context

Understanding the environment in which tourism is evolving will help us understand the challenges facing human resources, for owners, managers and employees. However, when human resources issues themselves are in the midst of dramatic change, everyone in the industry is[...]

What’s to be done with your VIC?

The existence of the internet and the increased number of information tools available at destinations mean fewer queries are being addressed to VICs (visitor information centres) and tourist information desks. Many such information offices are becoming all‑purpose touri[...]

Clients and employees: Treat them the same!

Though managers move heaven and earth to create a memorable experience for their customers and encourage brand loyalty, what do they do for their employees? As a matter of fact, they should be doing the same thing. In today’s world, human resource management is a [...]

Recruiting tourism workers: The time is now!

The declining number of available workers in the labour force is becoming even more of a concern because tourism is not the only economic sector facing a labour shortage. This creates fierce competition; we are entering the era of the competitive labour market. Business[...]

Mobilize your staff to surpass customer expectations!

In today’s very competitive marketplace, many tourism-based organizations would like to differentiate themselves by trying to provide service that surpasses customer expectations. If they are to succeed, these businesses must first mobilize their human resources t[...]