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Let intelligence help you look into the future

Companies that are on the look-out for relevant information are more likely to be proactive, innovative and able to maintain their leadership position. Through ongoing, effective monitoring, they can detect early warning signs and dream up the ideas that are the buildin[...]

Generation Y, the new face of business travel

When travelling for business, Millennials enjoy meeting new people and exploring new cities. As they advance in their careers, their decision-making power within their companies will grow, creating with it a new form of business travel.

SOS! My business is having a social media crisis!

Thanks to social media, information that used to take several hours or even days to reach the public can now be spread almost instantaneously. When a crisis sets alarms bells ringing in today’s world, it’s impossible to ignore! A well-prepared crisis unit an[...]

Search, User Generated Content and Online Booking

There are 2,3 billions internet users in the world with significant penetration ratios in countries all over the world(5). Recently, User-Generated Content (UGC) has been considered as one of the most important sources of information influencing tourists’ choices. Despi[...]

Trustworthiness of Travel 2.0 applications and their influence on tourist behaviour

  The influence of UGC on tourist choices In the last decade, the Internet has reshaped the way[...]

What is Facebook’s impact on the tourism industry?

In an earlier Globe-Veilleur article, we explained why Facebook has quickly become one of the top virtual communities and a new social phenomenon unto itself. We are now going to examine its sphere of influence within the tourism industry, as many Quebec businesses are [...]

Your client’s friends are your friends

Corporate marketing strategies tend to focus on the following questions: who are we trying to reach, and how and when can we reach them? In other words, a company will base its marketing decisions on the data – mainly geographic or demographic – it has about its current[...]

Today’s customers influence tomorrow’s choices

The opportunity to review a lodging establishment, restaurant, transportation company or destination is no longer a privilege reserved to professionals. As part of the[...]