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Web marketing for SMEs

You may think it’s impossible to increase your company’s Internet effectiveness with a marketing budget of only $3,000, but a variety of low‑cost strategies exist, whether you need to enhance your Web presence or conduct an email campaign. According to Merri[...]

Marketing 101 for small inns and hotels

Marketing is never an easy undertaking, especially for small inns and hotels with limited time and budgets. While the following does not provide an exhaustive list of advice, options and how-tos, it does offer a checklist of various suggestions for improving visibility.[...]

Finding your (new) niche!

Competing with Marriott, Disney and Air France is not an easy task, but it is possible to carve out a place among the giants. This product or service “niche” represents a small, unexploited or underexploited market segment that appeals to a particular client[...]