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Trends in Food Trucks: The use of local food

The constant shifts in the food industry can be attributed to the diversity of consumer tastes and consumer awareness of global procurement issues. This increased concern for sustainability, food security, food safety and nutrition, has led consumers to start dictating [...]

Urban creativity in the spotlight!

Over half of the world’s population lives in urban areas. By the year 2050, this percentage is expected to climb to 70%, while in North America alone, it will reach 90%! City-dwellers are already exposed to a dizzying array of options when it comes to recreational activ[...]

Restaurant industry in change: be proactive!

New regulations are being introduced in the restaurant industry. Now that consumers want to eat better and know more about the origins and composition of their food, some lawmakers are taking action. Not to be outdone, Canada will likely follow suit and pass its own new[...]

Trends in the short cruise market

Boat tours/cruises are still considered a “new” tourist product. Although Quebec’s industry is based on the star attraction of whale?watching, short cruises now represent one of the world’s most diversified product lines. The following report is [...]

Culture: The key to urban tourism

In the new millennium, Montréal’s leaders and opinion-makers have continually emphasized that the future of their metropolis is tied to culture. But it isn’t the only city to have recognized the value of culture. Toronto has decided to invest heavily in its [...]

Authenticity – What do they really want?

The search for authenticity is a predominant trend driving tourism because travellers are looking for unique experiences that are part of our vibrant and varied world. Quebec is not Venice, the Inuit are not like the Aboriginals of Australia and a sugaring off party bea[...]

“Seduce” your clients!

Within ten years, more than half of the world's population will be living in cities. Tourism regions can get ready to capitalize on the business potential represented by stressed-out urbanites. Mutually beneficial relationships could develop between city-dwellers i[...]

Up close and personal

As has been said before, the quest for authenticity has become a general trend. Beyond the major natural attractions and must-see sites, travellers visiting foreign countries are interested in experiencing the local culture and soaking up the lifestyle. Rural tourism fi[...]

What do we see in our crystal ball?

The pace of everything will only speed up. We see trendy new destinations, enthusiasm for new products, pronounced customer segmentation and new players that shake up a sector of activity. Lots will be going on in the tourism industry. Overall factors Socio-demographics[...]