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Ancillary revenues in the hotel industry

Mobile technology can help hoteliers increase their sales of ancillary products and services. Though ancillary products and services (add-ons) were first introduced by the airlines, they are also sold by hotels, though less often. As long as hotels have the tools to pro[...]

SOS! My business is having a social media crisis!

Thanks to social media, information that used to take several hours or even days to reach the public can now be spread almost instantaneously. When a crisis sets alarms bells ringing in today’s world, it’s impossible to ignore! A well-prepared crisis unit an[...]

Web 2.0 extends to both tourism and culture

The internet continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Indeed, recent changes have been so profound that they have led to the introduction of the phrase “Web 2.0”, which has quickly become the trendy, catch-all term used to describe the new ideology that is shaping the inter[...]