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Marketing 101 for small inns and hotels

Marketing is never an easy undertaking, especially for small inns and hotels with limited time and budgets. While the following does not provide an exhaustive list of advice, options and how-tos, it does offer a checklist of various suggestions for improving visibility.[...]

RSS feeds: what are they anyway?

RSS feeds: Everyone’s talking about them, but no one knows what they are! Does the term “RSS feed” mean anything to you? Don’t worry if it doesn’t, because you certainly aren’t the only one. This new form of internet communication is [...]

You haven’t heard the last of Web 2.0!

As the number of web users keeps growing, so the internet keeps evolving. It now features much simplified, more flexible and lower‑cost technology that encourages interactivity. Thanks to broader applications, internet users are now truly benefiting from the web’s[...]

Price customization: bold… or deceptive?

Is it farfetched to believe that an online shopper’s browsing history could affect a travel site’s search results? It most certainly is not. Although the internet gives consumers a powerful tool for easy price comparisons, the downside is that it also enable[...]

Make your pricing scheme work for you

Although business-people often tend to set the price of their products by looking at the cost and the desired profit margin, this is by no means the optimal approach to pricing because it does not take into account what each market segment is willing to pay. For Yves Co[...]