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Maïthé Levasseur

When I was studying for my B.A. in Tourism and Hotel Management, I had no idea where life would lead me. Today, as a member of the enlightened and inspiring team at the Tourism Intelligence Network, constantly on the lookout for the latest tourism trends and developments, I can say that life is good.

In addition to my known weakness for culinary tourism, whether researching or practising it, I am interested in hotel trends, tourism development and various markets and clients. My consulting experience has led me to examine trends and issues from the perspective of their applications.

“If history is written by the brave, what will you venture so you can write your own?” – inspiring question from Gaétan Morency, Cirque du Soleil

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Top 20 tourist destinations and source markets

While France, the United States and Spain still lead the rankings in terms of international tourist arrivals, new destinations are close behind. Following explosive growth in its travel industry, China now accounts for more international travellers than any other countr[...]

The challenges of the online tours and activities market

Making tours and activities available for purchase online like airline tickets and hotel rooms is a challenging prospect, but a necessary and promising one with potent[...]

Let intelligence help you look into the future

Companies that are on the look-out for relevant information are more likely to be proactive, innovative and able to maintain their leadership position. Through ongoing, effective monitoring, they can detect early warning signs and dream up the ideas that are the buildin[...]

What’s new and different in spas

A successful innovation combines something new and different with something that consumers need. All spas try to offer a memorable experience and, even more importantly, tangible results in terms of client health and well-being. In their push to innovate, spas are tryin[...]

Global ranking of destinations and source markets

The flow of tourists to various destinations around the world has changed drastically in recent years and data compiled over the past decade corroborates certain trends. New outbound markets occupy the top spots and the ranking of destinations has been turned upside dow[...]

The Troubling Trend of Increasing ‘Web Marketing Ineptitude’ in Hospitality… by Max Starkov

The Québec Tourism Intelligence Network is pleased to present some highly relevant thoughts about on[...]

Destinations 2.0: Trend of the hour!

Web 2.0 offers organizations some amazing and effective opportunities. And it cannot be repeated often enough: consumers trust reviews from other customers and recommendations from experts more than they do official sources of information. Some destinations have truly g[...]

A new trend: Culinary team building

Much in demand by companies, culinary team building activities were named one of the top ten meeting trends of the year by Benchmark Hospitality International. On the menu: challenges like creativity, communication, conflict resolution, time and resource management and [...]

Spotlight on Generation Y

Although the definition can vary, the term “Generation Y” generally refers to people born between 1978 and 1989, or those aged 18 to 29. Whether you call them Echo Boomers or Generation Y, they are without doubt a major, surprisingly different, customer segment. However[...]

Your client’s friends are your friends

Corporate marketing strategies tend to focus on the following questions: who are we trying to reach, and how and when can we reach them? In other words, a company will base its marketing decisions on the data – mainly geographic or demographic – it has about its current[...]
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