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Global ranking of destinations and source markets

The flow of tourists to various destinations around the world has changed drastically in recent years and data compiled over the past decade corroborates certain trends. New outbound markets occupy the top spots and the ranking of destinations has been turned upside dow[...]

Familiar with tweens? You should be…

A recent development in marketing has been to define a new customer segment: “tweens” or preteens. While young people ages 9 to 14 are no longer children, they are not yet teens, either. With surprising purchasing power and influence on a variety of family d[...]

What can we expect from the tourism bubble in the next few years?

What are the major influential factors that will affect tourism supply and demand this decade? For a start, China and India are poised to become major players as they [...]

What do we see in our crystal ball?

The pace of everything will only speed up. We see trendy new destinations, enthusiasm for new products, pronounced customer segmentation and new players that shake up a sector of activity. Lots will be going on in the tourism industry. Overall factors Socio-demographics[...]