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Trends in Food Trucks: The use of local food

The constant shifts in the food industry can be attributed to the diversity of consumer tastes and consumer awareness of global procurement issues. This increased concern for sustainability, food security, food safety and nutrition, has led consumers to start dictating [...]

Co-creation in the participatory era

What do Airbnb, TripAdvisor and hashtags have in common? They are all symbols of a new collaborative, participatory, interactive economic paradigm that is redefining the value of a tourist experience.

The vogue of low-cost travel

Pushed by rising demand from travellers, the low-cost market is undergoing major changes and its business model is being adopted by well-established tourism businesses as well as by new entries to the industry.

Dance ‘til dawn with party tourism

Forget about museum visits and organized city tours; clubbers rate destinations on the quality of their nightlife. Since party tourism is so popular among young adults, some cities are promoting it as part of their new brand image.

Retro travel products for nostalgics and hipsters

Nostalgia, like fear or humour, can definitely influence consumer behaviour. The auto, fashion and entertainment industries all make use of it, in one way or another. Movies that have captivated generations are being remade with modern technology, while many products ar[...]

Mountain destinations: Trends and best practices in tourism

In the past few years, mountain resorts have been engaged in a mad scramble to become four-season tourist destinations. Gone are the days when mountain resorts relied [...]

International cruises: Outlook for 2010 and overview of major trends

Hit hard by the economic crisis, the year 2009 was, for many sectors of the tourism industry, a catastrophic year. For the cruise industry, however, it was a year in w[...]

Whale-watching trends: Québec’s position in 2009

Whale watching is still the fastest growing sector of general wildlife tourism worldwide and this is important for Québec, since marine tourism is a lucrative activity. According to a recent report, 13 million people went whale watching in 119 countries in 2008, compare[...]

Global Tourism: Black Clouds with Silver Linings

Stormy Skies on the Horizon The global economy has fallen off a cliff and no one is sure when it will hit bottom. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the world’s advanced economies experienced an unprecedented 7.5% decline in real Gross Domestic Product [...]

CouchSurfing: profile of a virtual community of travellers

The accommodation sector is experiencing an intense diversification phase, where establishments worldwide continue to distinguish and redefine their image by incorpora[...]
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