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The challenges of the online tours and activities market

Making tours and activities available for purchase online like airline tickets and hotel rooms is a challenging prospect, but a necessary and promising one with potent[...]

Canadian Travel Agents and Carbon Offsets

In 2006, 26,400 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide were emitted into the atmosphere, of which tourism contributed 5% (UNWTO, 2008). Of that 5%, air travel was responsible for 40% and land travel for 36%. The relationship between climate change and tourism is interwoven and[...]

The resurgence of traditional travel agencies

The sector of so-called traditional travel agencies has probably undergone more upheaval than any other over the past decade. And yet, despite the popularity of the internet, the events of September 11, 2001, and the advent of zero commissions, agencies have learned to [...]

Tour operators moving online

Tourism giants, particularly TUI and Thomas Cook, have long been expected to become a strong web presence. Rebuilding from some difficult years, the major European tour operators have found a way to respond to discount carriers and online agencies, whose e-commerce brea[...]

Make your pricing scheme work for you

Although business-people often tend to set the price of their products by looking at the cost and the desired profit margin, this is by no means the optimal approach to pricing because it does not take into account what each market segment is willing to pay. For Yves Co[...]