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Chantal Neault

Armed with my B.A. in Tourism Management and Development, I have been working my way through the tourism industry for over 20 years as a planner, coordinator and researcher. I have been with the amazing Tourism Intelligence Network team since the Network’s launch in April 2004.

The Network is an excellent place to be for curious explorers such as myself. I am particularly interested in major industry trends and issues, the various tourism clienteles and how to reach them, human resources and management. I enjoy gathering, analyzing and assembling information to make it easy to understand. My motto: “Whatever is well conceived is clearly said/ And the words to say it flow with ease.” – Nicolas Boileau-Despreaux

9 Analysis

Enhancing Destinations through Repurposed Locations

Repurposed mines, factories and other abandoned buildings are helping to boost the appeal and promote the development of regions that are off the beaten tourist track.

Girlfriend getaways

Ten years ago, few companies offered packages aimed specifically at female travellers. The number and variety of girls' getaways has grown since then, and options now include active holidays, relaxation, shopping, entertainment, fine dining, and more.

Successful events now rely on getting the participants involved

Social media, technology and more involved participants all foster greater delegate engagement.

Marketing and the Human Factor

Key travel industry players are starting to humanize the way they communicate, replacing heritage and vistas with the promise of unforgettable experiences and focussing their message on the opportunity to connect with others.

CRM in cultural institutions

Customer relationship management (CRM) uses various tools and techniques to identify, attract and build loyalty among the best customers.

Generation Y, the new face of business travel

When travelling for business, Millennials enjoy meeting new people and exploring new cities. As they advance in their careers, their decision-making power within their companies will grow, creating with it a new form of business travel.

The growing solo travel market

Solo travellers come in all different types and the Quebec tourism industry must adapt to attract this booming clientele. Although solo tourists obviously travel alone, they often travel in groups, as contradictory as this may seem. In fact, many travel specialists (tou[...]

Examples of best practices for improving accessibility

From train stations to youth hostels and tourism offices, best practices in accessibility are now in place in France, thanks to the Law of February 11, 2005, which promotes the equality of rights and opportunities, participation and citizenship of people with disabiliti[...]

Understanding performance evaluation

In tourism, performance evaluation involves objectively assessing projects completed to date according to a predefined plan, whether this relates to a policy, a program or a strategy. Such an evaluation relies on clearly defined goals, pertinent indicators and a number [...]